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Your snowblower is a well designed machine, and as such must be given the appropriate level of maintenance to ensure proper operation. Getting into the habit of inspecting your snowblower, and performing regularly scheduled tasks will help you to extend the useful lifespan of the machine. Listed below are some of the maintenance tasks that will help your snowblower to function as designed and operate efficiently.


Inspect Tire Chains

Change the Oil/Filter

Change the Spark Plug

Tighten or Replace Belts and Bolts

Inspect Tire Chains: The importance of your snowblower's tires and chains cannot be taken for granted. Having excellent traction while you are removing snow is vital for efficient and safe operation. The tire pressure should be maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications at all times. If your inspect shows that the tire chains are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced immediately. It is critical that a snowblower have the best possible traction, and maneuverability for safe operations.

Keeping the tires pressured, and chains in good working order will give a snowblower the best traction possible for safe maneuvering.

Change the Oil/Filter: If your snowblower has a four stroke engine and you want to keep in running smoothly for a long time, changing the oil and filter is the best thing you can do to ensure it. Oil that has lost its viscosity cannot protect your snowblower's engine properly and must be changed, or the engine will be damaged. To do so, loosen the drain plug, drain the old oil, and replace the oil plug. Now loosen the oil filter, replace it with a new one, and refill the engine with new 5W30 oil.

To keep you snowblower operating smoothly, and the engine lubricated sufficiently, change the oil and filter as specified in your owner's manual.

Change the Spark Plug: For your snowblower's engine to operate properly, the sparkplug must be in good condition, and firing properly. With the sediments, and chemicals in fuel, sparkplugs often become worn, and can lose their full functioning. A worn sparkplug will cause the engine to work harder under normal conditions. By inspecting the spark plug for wear, or damage, and replacing it when needed will go a long way toward helping the engine to perform at optimum levels at all times.

The ability of your snowblower's engine to produce maximum output of horsepower requires a fully functioning sparkplug.

Tighten or Replace Belts and Bolts: Performing an overall and periodic inspection of your snowblower will allow you to identify any loose or damaged belts or bolts and repair them. Loose bolts or worn and damaged belts can create an operation hazard, so they must be replaced or repaired. Over time due to the vibration of the machine, bolts can become loose, and need to be tightened. The belts on your snowblower will become worn just from regular operation, and must be replaced as soon as they begin to show signs of wear.

Performing a periodic inspection of your snowblower can help you to identify any bolts that need tightening, or belts that need replacing.

By: Billy Whitmire


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